I did the ring making class and also the advanced jewellery making class with Xenia. I had previously made jewellery as a hobby but only using beads and loved the idea of creating something from silver. I created two stacking rings and a cherry blossom inspired necklace with Xenia and am so happy with them (I wear them all the time!). Xenia is a lovely lady who takes you through all the steps (with tips and hints along the way) and introduces you to the tools you use to create your pieces. She is extremely professional, never takes shortcuts with the process and takes extreme pride in her own and her students creations. If you book with Xenia you will end up with a very polished and professional looking piece of jewellery. I am now looking to start designing and making my own jewellery and hopefully will be opening my own jewellery business. This is only possible because Xenia gave me bucket loads of information and gave me all the knowledge I need to know to do so. Thanks Xenia 🙂